GO BACK By Melita Tessy: A Coronavirus Lockdown Poem

We will not go back to normal.

We were never there, were we?

We will go back to what was normalized.

To the way things used to be…

Before the disease.

We will go back to pollution, lies and vanity,

Corruption, Greed, imbalance and inequity.

We will go back to broken systems

While we pretend that it’s alright.

We will go back with closed eyes

And of the bigger picture, we will lose sight.

Worst of all, we will go back with a smile.

We’ll go back, once again, ignoring all the signs.

We will go back to the good things, yes.

Things… Things I miss, I must confess.

We will go back to see our friends.

We will go back to long walks

We will go back to scenic rides

We will go back to airports.

We will go back to school, to work,

But will we go back only to forget?

Will we forget where we failed, those we failed?

Will we forget the price we paid?

Will we go back unchanged?

Will we forget the blunders we made?

Only to make them once again?

Will we disown the past and the truth?

Head with pride and pomp right to our doom?

Or Will we push our limits and come through…

To do in the right way, all that we choose to do?

Will we go back to remember?

Will you?

Will we go back with a sense of urgency?

Will we be satisfied with just a sense of normalcy?

Because what matters more than what we go back to

Is what we go back to it with.

Go back with hope,

But go back with caution.

Go back with courage

And also, determination.

Go back with the restlessness of reason.

Go back with love.

And never forgetting what’s at stake

Go back with as much as you can give

To as little as you can take.

Melita Tessy

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