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    Hey there!

    I'm Melita, author of a sci-fi/fantasy novel titled ‘Battle of the Spheres’ - my debut. I have a sequel coming up! I enjoy reading and writing speculative fiction and poetry. Books by Humphrey Hawksley, Wendy Mass, Suzanne Collins, Paul Coelho and JK Rowling have been my favorites.

    Through this website, I want to share my writing knowledge and find awesome readers for my work. I also want to learn from you all and help young, teenage authors like myself, have a great time in their quests for their passions.

    My other interests include vocals and elocution. Unsophisticatedly, I'm fond of photography, the beach, campfires, traveling and summer.

    To reach me, you can use:

    Facebook page :

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    Wishing you every success,

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