BOTS Incantations

Battle of the Spheres or BOTS is a fantasy fic that takes you through the incredible journey of magic in the form of spells. The uniqueness of the spells in BOTS is based on who can cast it and at what price they can do it. My friends after reading my book felt that a glossary for the incantations would be great. So here it is:

Bondir in French means to bound. The spell can be used to bind, seal and lock things.

Claudere in Latin means to close. And that is exactly what it is used for.

Bordering, Confining and Limiting are English words synonymous to Latin Confinis!

Denfendere in Latin translates to defend. It is that simple really.

Deflectere means to detour or divert. It rebounds an action effectively. The larger the action rebounded, the greater the joules of energy absorbed. It is a tiring one to try.

Elevare in Italian means to elevate. This spell cannot be used to fly. It can only be used to rise above the ground. And while you’re floating on air, you still can perform whatever stunt you perform in the presence of gravity.

Latin again! Evanescere means to disappear. However, it can only be used on trails of footprints, blood and so on.

Excorticare means to peel off. Mostly refers to the peeling off the most external parts. For example: Bark of a tree. In the context of the book, it refers to the senses of the skin. It would peel off or remove any minimal disturbance due to varying temperature, moisture, air pressure, etc.

Feuillage is the French derivative of Foilage. Simplifying further, it becomes mass of leaves. It doesn’t give you the ability to create leaves, but lets you summon the same.

Originating from Romanian, Filtrare means filtration. Used to seperate external chemicals from the human, cruman and mantlanian bodies.

Gelu is all about having you (U) gel with the atmosphere around you and feel comfortable there. It gives you the ability to adapt to the Temperature. It is damn energy consuming!

Latin. It helps you freeze stuff.

In Italian, Impedire is to prevent, to impede, to hinder, to inhibit, to obstruct, to prohibit, to arrest. Cannot be used to block massive threats. Only works with bullets, knives, daggers, arrows, etc.

Imperium Effectus!
Imperium means supreme power. Effectus means Effect. The phrase: Put the supreme power into effect.

Mundare from Latin means to clean. Externally.

Latin. Obtinere is to obtain. Not for far off distant objects, but for objects within seeable distance.

Latin. Permeate. To become gas and travel through permeable surfaces and rocks. It is vital to the tale.

Phlox Permeare!
Phlox is fire or flame in Greek. The phrase: Permeate through fire.

Phlox Plektron!
Plektron in Greek means to strike. So it is: Strike with flame. Strike with fire.

Pliers. Read the book. You’ll get it.

Prevalare in Latin means to prevail, to be prevalent and is used to extend the durability or life of a commodity.

It means tounviel, to uncover, to expose the truth.

Reverse for Bondir. Unbind! I coined it.

Latin, Italian derivative that translates to flying. Real flying and not just hovering a few meters over the ground.

Disastrous. Draining. Daunting. Gravely injures the one on whom it is cast. Translates to blood in Latin.

Latin. Trans – Across. Portare – Carry. The phrase: Carry across.

Many have asked me why I used words of many origins, about why I didn’t stick to a single language.

Why Greek, French, Italian, Latin and Romanian?

It is because my story is about the world. The names are from many languages. I felt the incantations must be so too. Infact, English is a language that draws freely from all languages of the world. It cannot exist independently. Even the English word love comes from the Sanskrit lubhyati. That is my answer.

Hope you enjoyed reading Incantations as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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