An Invitation to read BOTS

Hey fantabulous folks!

Has it been some time since you read a riveting fantasy-fiction that took you to lands unknown and mythical realms you seldom knew existed? Well, if it has been a while, here's a book that might satisfy all your craving for a fantasy-read. My debut novel, titled Battle of the Spheres (BOTS), has its setting around the Earth's Core. Yes, the very place that is made up of molten lava and nickel-iron alloy! The Core is home to some intelligent creatures that have inhabited there since time unknown.

The story picks up when Jacelyn an awesome young girl in a futuristic, dystopian world disappears into the Earth's Core, only to find out she's surrounded by creatures called Crumans. Now, the Crumans have long waited to avenge Humans for all the disasters they've caused them and plan to use Jacelyn as a trump card to wage a war against Humans.

In the course of events, Jacelyn meets Reffin, a charming Cruman boy with a dismal past. Together with the Mantlanian princess, they form a league to prevent the world from destruction and earn the trust of every layer of the Earth – Crust, Mantle and Core.

But the question is, will they? If so, at what cost?

Long story in short, BOTS is a fable of friendship, courage and sacrifice set gently on a backdrop of ecology. It is about the delicate dance of three people – three species from three different layers of the earth. While the people of the Crust are unaware of the existence of the other two, those below dream of a day undisturbed by those on the top.

In writing this book, I learnt ultimately that,if you lived a good life, you either lived to save or died to save… that which must be saved and kept. Your life would never be meaningless. Not even for a moment. 

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Happy reading,