Dear Fantasy and Sci-Fi lovers, treat yourself with a copy of Melita’s debut novel, Battle of the Spheres – A tale of choices over chances,of hope amidst war, of a quest to protect the earth and nature… See More

GO BACK By Melita Tessy: A Coronavirus Lockdown Poem

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GO BACK picturization

A poem inspired by the coronavirus

The Three Guidelines for creating the Most Compelling Characters


Characters can be human, animal, alien, magical or divine. They can even be part of the plant family. In fact, diversity is the beauty of characterization. However, to form those realistic, relatable and compelling characters, there are some common guidelines to keep in mind. This is by no means an effort to restrict your creative … Continue reading “The Three Guidelines for creating the Most Compelling Characters”

BOTS Incantations


Battle of the Spheres or BOTS is a fantasy fic that takes you through the incredible journey of magic in the form of spells. The uniqueness of the spells in BOTS is based on who can cast it and at what price they can do it. My friends after reading my book felt that a …




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