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Chapter 1 The School I stood there, facing another me, a clone created and programmed with the sole purpose of hurting me. I had a tight schedule today, and a lot of other real battles to fight. I didn’t have time to waste here. However, this was necessary, and always the first thing on my schedule.A slight drizzle dripped from the sky, gradually becoming heavier, kissing the live wires on the ground. I ducked down from where I was, behind the shaky glass walls. The glass before me had been shattered by the bullet my clone had fired. The drizzle was becoming a downpour already.

She was gone, but the impact of the crumbling bridge had caused the lighthouse to fall over on its side – and begin rolling right towards me. I needed to move. Running forward wasn’t an 2|Battle of the Spheresoption. Rain water and live wires were not the best of combinations. A thunderstorm had started by now, complete with great flashes of lightning.I climbed the pole of the street light before me and leapt onto the rolling remains of the lighthouse as it passed by. The other me’s eyes, as far as I could remember, had been focusing at some point over the horizon. But all I could see was a uniform and unbroken horizon of omnipresent chaos.But then I spotted a lone tower; a skyscraper with a statue of a man, made of copper, and gilded on top. Now I understood what the other me had seen. It was too late. I glanced sideward, keeping my balance on the still-rolling lighthouse, and spotted a glass window nearby. I fired at it with my gun, shattering the glass, and threw myself into the cylinder of the ruined lighthouse.I squatted, trying to get a grip and to get my bearings.

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